Global ambitions, personal approach

UBS (Universal Business Systems) is a global freelancer agency based in London, UK. We recruit and contract freelance agents around the world, unifying recruitment, training, paperwork, settlement and assessment processes all in one place.

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Creating connections

At UBS, we use our experience and knowledge to connect our corporate clients with the best freelance agent talent out there.

It's a mindset

Universal Business System’s in-depth understanding of the freelance agent lifestyle and mindset, has allowed us to establish a pool of reliable and hard-working freelance talent around the world that are waiting for their next exciting challenge.

Our mission

UBS mission is to make the connection between corporate clients and freelance agents worldwide simple, easy, and efficient by offering trustworthy, innovative, and easy-to-use services.

Our vision

UBS vision is to give the opportunity for each company and each freelance agent around the world to connect and find their perfect match anytime and anywhere.


Freelance agent recruitment

UBS finds and recruits the best agents and consultants globally.


UBS offers high-level education and training to freelance agents to make sure they deliver professional services and fulfil their potential.

Process Handling

UBS handles all of the back-office paperwork related to contracting, settlements, and workplace facilitation.


UBS communicates with the freelance agents and clients daily to make sure everything is in order and all of the processes are running smoothly.

Performance Assessment

UBS continuously assesses the performance of the freelance agents, assuring they meet the expected standards, develop their skills, and reach their personal goals.

How does it work?


Reach out to UBS when you're in need of a freelance agent
Together we decide on the best profile that fits your needs and requirements
We recruit freelance agents from the location of your choice
We train them and prepare them for the roles
We take care of all the paperwork, settlements and organisation but you get the perfect fit for the role and enjoy the outcome of our collaboration

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Whether you are a freelancer agent looking for opportunities or a company representative searching to outsource some talent, United Business Systems team of experts will find the best solution for your needs and open up a life of never-ending possibilities.

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